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“Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered.”
Michelle Obama

Project Specialist with financial skills

A loyal multi-task administrator with financial skills from the public-private partnership sector.

Recommandation de Jean-Luc, son consultant

Madame Baudin est une personne de nature persévérante qui assure pleinement ses tâches dans le détail et les délais. Curieuse de nature, elle aime participer à la recherche de solution adéquate et pratique. Elle dispose de la capacité à travailler, tant de manière indépendante qu’en équipe car elle est à l’écoute active pour optimiser les scénarios et les solutions. Madame Baudin est à l’aise, aussi bien dans les tâches administratives qu’avec les chiffres, ainsi que le contact avec les clients (internes et externes). Il lui semble important d’être précise dans chacune de ses fonctions et son naturel fait qu’elle est appréciée par les résultats efficaces qu’elle fournit.

Mes entreprises précédentes:

World Economic Forum

Finartis Capital

Credit Suisse


Mon Parcours


I am originally from Sweden, living and working in Geneva since 2005. Thanks to an acquaintance and the desire to look for new professional opportunities I started my career in Geneva. Having the advantage of mastering several languages and with a master degree in business administration from a Swedish and a German University, ​​I was able to quickly integrate and develop various experiences in this multi-cultural working environment.

I started my career in a bank, Credit Suisse, within directnet (e-banking). It was a great first experience to learn the process of internet banking. I then moved on to work within a Family office to gain further experience within finance and treasury operations as well as office management. I have always had a desire to work for a larger international organization and I got the opportunity to start within the accounting team at the World Economic Forum in 2009. I’m a person who likes to have a job with various working tasks, a mix of numbers and human contact. I therefore transitioned from accounting to a project management role within the W.E.F. for an initiative called Grow Africa, that was 100% funded externally. I was very pleased to be able to work closer to the mission of the World Economic Forum as well to support stakeholders and colleagues. In that role I have developed my skills in controlling and financial donor reporting as well events and office management.

If you need a motivated, loyal multi-task administrator with financial skills, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’m organized, analytical, determined and solution-oriented. I do not give.

Mes réussites


  • Manually reporting to one of the key donors (4 months reporting, approximately 1MCHF)
    • When the World Economic Forum was in the process of transitioning to a new accounting software I took the initiative to create a new tool to report to key donors in a more efficient way. It was a very complex task. I manually controlled invoices/expenses (consultant fees, salaries, contracts for various projects, supplies, trips done or future trips to be done). I kept track on all expenditures by date, supplier, date given to accounting for payment, currency, amount, voucher number if any, etc.
    • This resulted in timely reimbursement of the project as well as a successful audit review. The comparison with what accounting then had in their new software took another three months, and the end result was only 4000 chf difference. It was actually a great professional success as well a personal satisfaction.
  • Travel and invoice process in place for consultants and the team
    • In order to be inline with the contracts from our various donors, I drafted a new travel process as a guideline to use when travelling; rate per each expense item (hotel, flight, food, transportation, others). Next I presented this to my line manager who then decided to put this into place for all staff and consultants. It resulted in a smoother process to verify and accept travel requests and invoices as well to follow a clear guideline for everyone in the team. Then when I on boarded new colleagues I created a document to give out to all new team members how to invoice and what travel rules to follow.
    • Various improvements in accounts payables
    • While working in the accounting team at World Economic Forum I created a profile about the accounting team on our intranet for the colleagues to better understand our service as well as to easier find information about our bank details. It facilitated the communication between accounting and other teams, specially to have a quick access to our bank details and project centers. I also improved our “bank form” we used internally for payment transfer to service providers. I added additional information that in my opinion was missing to create a smoother and easier verification of the request of transfer. It made the process faster and created less confusion on the origin of the payment and how to book it. Before ending my job within the accounting team at the World Economic Forum I wrote a handbook about accounts payables at the Forum and a manual about the software, step by step. It facilitated the onboarding of the new colleague in that team.

Mes formations


  • Master of Science in International Business Administration and Economics with a major in Business Administration (accounting). Umeå/Sweden 1999- 2003
  • International management, international financial & organization management. European Law and Market psychology. University of Mannheim/Germany 2001-2002
  • Courses in Human Resources, Communication and Management: Centre Romand en Formation Continue, Geneva 2016-2017

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Google Drive
Microsoft Office

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